Welcome To Reliance Academy

1 . All communications should be addressed to the principal.
2 . Student shall not be permitted to leave school during the course of the term except for urgent reasons which must be clearly stated when the application for the leave is made.
3 . No verbal assurance, alleged to have been given by any member of the staff, will be accepted as binding on the school. Similarly verbal statements made by parents will not be accepted. Parents must always write to the school on any point the wish to raise or make.
4 . Parents are requested to refrain from engaging teacher of this School as private tutors of their wards.
5 . All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Gorakhpur Court.

Bus Rule

Students Are To Maintain Strict Discipline In The Bus. No Student Is Allowed To Get Down At Stoppages Other That His Own. Students Are Also For Bidden To Buy Any Eatables Or Tidbits From Vendors Or Shops When The Bus Stops At The Traffic Or Elsewhere

Any Non-Cooperation Of These Rules Can Lead To The Expulsion Of The Student From The School Bus And Will Have To Make Arrangement For His/Her Own Transport..


Irregular Attendance, Habitual Lack Of Interest In School Work, Insubordination, Stealing Or Any Offence Liable To Affect The Discipline Of The School, Are Sufficient Reasons For The Dismissal Of A Child From The School.

Student Who Fall Twice In The Same Class Will Be Asked To Withdraw From The School

School Fee Rule

Fee For Transport And Tuition Are Payable For 12 Months In A Year.An Admission Fee Will Be Charged From All Pupils At The Time Of Admission And Is Non-Refundable. Out-Station Cheques Are Not Accepted.

No Reduction Is Made In Fees For Occasional Absence During The Years As A Result Of Sickness Or Any Other Cause.

If Fees Remain Unpaid For One Month The Parent Is Regarded As Being In Arrears.

School Fees Must Be Paid In Four Installments, 1st In April, 2nd In July, 3rd In October And 4th Four In January.

However For Student Of Classes- 9th To 12th Fees Will Be Payable In Two Installments I.E. (Six Monthly)

If A Child A Withdrawn From The School Any Time During The School’s Academic Year He/She Will Be Charged Fees For The Full Term.

The Names Of Defaulters Will Be Struck Off The Rolls On The Last Day Of The Month. Re-Entry Of Names In Such Cases Will Be Made With A Readmission Fee Of Rs. 1000/- Along With All The Arrears.