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The School is being run on the dictum that discipline is the major component of one’s personality, and therefore violation of any school rule will lead to the expulsion of the child from the School.


  1. Girls are expected to come to school properly attired. They are to wear skirts which are up to the knees/Salwaar Suit. No fancy jewellery of any sort is to be worm to school e.g. rings, nose rings, danglers, bracelets etc (only a small simple ring can be worn of the ear)
  2. Colouring or streaking of hair is also not allowed for girls (un less medically required) The use of any kinds of dyes and colouring agents for the hair is completely forbidden for girls. Those girls having short hair are expected to wear a head band (only black) whereas those with long hair are to have two plaits.          Single plaits are not allowed.
  3. Watches may be worn to school for students above class- VI, but with a brown/black leather strap only and no colored / fancy straps on steel/gold straps.


  1. All boys in school to have short hair, which should be parted at the side and not in the middle or may be brushed back.
  2. Boys are strictly forbidden to have long sideburns/side locks (not longer than 2cms.) or any Kinds of stylish/fancy beards.
  3. No boys are allowed to raise his hand on another student under any circumstances. Students are warmed that raising of hands or the usage of abusive language in the school campus or in the bus will lead to severe penalization
  4. Boys are allowed to wear only school belts.
  5. Students are forbidden to bring to school mobile phones. Indoor games, toys walkmans, cameras, video games iPods and cassette players etc including cash. The school is not responsible  for the loss of any of the above items that has been brought to school.
  6. Boys are to wear only Naughty Boy Shoes or shoes of a similar make, but is should not be too fancy or broad toed and no shoes without laces are allowed in school.
  7. Distribution and bringing of toffees, chocolates, pastries and cold drinks are forbidden School.


    1. Library and Reading Room is open for all students.
    2. A student can get only one book at a time and for one week only.
    3. Book should not be mis-handled. Making pencil or ink marks and tearing pages are prohibited.
    4. Silence should be observed in the Library and Reading Room.
    5. Students breaking the rules will have to pay a fine or cost of the damaged book.
    6. If a student does not return the Library Book before the annual examination he will not be allowed to appear at the examination.
    7. If a book is lost by the student, double the cost of the book will be realized.